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FSP™ offers private investors a single-point connectivity. It enables them to achieve transactional efficiency by offering a information solution, which interprets data from disparate analytical systems.

The Challenge

  • Our drive is to deliver solutions for critical priorities:
  • Creating shortening investment settlement cycles
  • Creating volume growth from simple resources
  • Addressing declining margins

Private investors face each day the pressure that globalization, new technology, intensive competition and open markets brings. We strive to assist in the integration of internal and external investment instruments into a single, unified and accountable process.

The Solution – FSP™

FSP™ is our proven and affordable service model, both in technology terms and in relations between our clients and investment prospects. In other words FSP™ provides single-connectivity. Dubai Vtech International provides multi-entity support across complex and diverse organizational structures to entities at the enterprise level. All this is accessible and managed through our Investor User Interface IUI.

Fintech Financing Event

Dubai VTech International represented several FinTech clients in a financing and talent attraction drive to India. The programme, held in Delhi on 5 April, coincided with the ninth UK-India Economic and Financial Dialogue (EFD) summit, hosted by Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Dubai VTech’s clients are well established and drawing a great deal of attention from investors globally. Their success has led to a worldwide profile. Members of the group are setting up offices in multiple global hubs, with promising uptake of their products and services.

Government officials are particularly keen to attract fintech — financial technology — businesses. India and the UK are no exception. DubaiVtech has already engaged with policymakers with other UK fintech companies, including iwoca, TransferWise, Onfido, Bankable and Revolut.

DubaiVtech April 2017

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